Beyonce Faces Racial Backlash Following 2016 Superbowl Performance

Our Beloved “Bey” has been fortunate enough to grace the stadium of past Super Bowl games, where she always managed to give a spell-bounding show, however, this time around a lot of angry fans of the Super Bowl were not particularly pleased with her performance and even went as far as to boycott Queen Bey. Their reasons for doing so stemmed from the idea that Beyonce was bashing the criminal justice force when she made references to the Black Lives Matter Movement and also acknowledged a young man who was recently murdered by police during her performance as well. Various individuals took to social media to display their outrage, majority of which were a barrage of racial insults. The issue of freedom of speech became apparent in this matter due to the fact that people as far as to diminish Beyonce’s character to someone with terrorist intentions in the United States. Sure EVERYONE is entitled to their own form of opinion and the ideology of freedom of speech condones such behavior, yet on the other hand, isn’t Beyonce also entitled to those same opinions whether it’s speaking on racial inequalities, police injustice, etc. The only difference between the livid commentators of her performance and she is that she used her words for empowerment and acknowledgment and they used their words for discrimination and belittlement. Isn’t that the real issue here? The primary question in this matter is at what point is freedom of speech considered a hate crime. Is it relevant to the Super Bowl situation? Do you feel that actions should be taken to prevent situations like this from occurring.Is it possible during the this digital era? Leave us your questions or comments on the Give Us Your Scoop page.


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